NC First “Lady” Doesn’t Like Crime in Her Neighborhood, “Sick of These People”

North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper’s wife is Kristin Cooper. She had famously given protesters the finger several years ago.

The Cooper’s apparently maintain a home in Raleigh even though they are entitled to live in the Governor’s mansion. One night recently, a man attempted to kick in the door of their home.

A Charlotte Observer article describes all the disorder in the neighborhood. Ms. Cooper is quoted:

“I’m personally sick of these people roaming the streets of what is obviously a neighborhood, yelling and carrying on as they head to the free parking area for Glenwood South that we have become.”

“This is not what ‘vibrancy’ looks like to me,” she wrote.

In another message she said the “simplest thing would be for the city to just enforce the noise, public drunkenness and drunk driving laws.”

“I can tell the time by when the noise starts,” she wrote. “The bars close at 2:00; between 2:15 and 2:30, the drunks hit St. Mary’s St.; drunken drag racing goes on until 3:00. And I hate being that person, I’ve always enjoyed the young people and students who live in this neighborhood, but it seems like since the pandemic, they have just gone feral.”

This is very interesting. Her husband, Roy Cooper, had publicly marched with protesters during the BLM riots several years ago. We all remember how he removed his mask as he marched.

The democratic socialists are absolute jackasses. They do everything they can to cause crime to increase by undermining the police; and then they proceed to complain when their own neighborhoods are violated.


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  1. Poor baby… her sheltered life has been invaded by the deplorables . Maybe she should spend the night in the 3100 block of New Bern Ave. Got news for you Kristen , it ain’t so peaceful there.

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