Southern Baptist Convention Disavows in Court its Own Sexual Abuse Report

Imagine the following:

  1. The leadership of a major denomination wants to undermine some high profile conservative pastors and/or churches that had been accused of sexual abuse. That denomination’s leadership happens to be moderate/liberal in orientation even though it was supposed to be a conservative denomination.
  2. They hire an outside firm to conduct an investigation of the alleged sexual abuse. It turns out this firm had aligned itself with LGBTQ causes.
  3. The firm produces a report the leadership of the moderate/liberal denomination readily accepts.
  4. The denomination blows through millions of dollars in the process, to the extent that its finances are described as unsustainable.
  5. The denomination is sued. It proceeds to disavow in court filings the sexual abuse report it had commissioned and accepted.

That is a description of the recent history of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The details are here.

It appears their ill-considered designs are imploding on them.


A pastor named Mac Brunson has aligned himself with the Conservative Baptist Network. This is a gentleman who has spent some time serving in the Piedmont Triad. Years ago, he used to pastor Green Street Baptist Church in High Point. He became at one point the president of the Southern Baptist Convention. He has also previously served as pastor at two very large churches– First Baptist in Dallas and First Baptist in Jacksonville, Fl.; and has a reputation as a fine preacher. (He currently serves a church in Alabama.)


2 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Convention Disavows in Court its Own Sexual Abuse Report

    1. I think all denominations have this type of problem, Fred, at least to some extent. It was very suspicious when the SBC abandoned the autonomy of the local church– a defining characteristic of the denomination– to deal with it.

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