Cooper Blows a Gasket

Via Carolina Plott Hound:

The North Carolina Supreme Court, until a month or so ago, was controlled by the socialists. It delivered two highly controversial decisions– throwing out the constitutional amendment passed by voters to institute voter ID; and also throwing out redistricting passed by Republicans in the General Assembly.

The lefty justices relied upon faulty legal logic and interpretations to arrive at their decisions. It was completely bogus. To suggest it was typical left-wing judicial activism is probably insufficient. It was worse than that.

Now, Governor Roy Cooper is squealing like a stuck pig.

When he fusses about the Republican justices potentially violating legal precedent, he doesn’t mention how lefty justices violate precedent.

When he suggests the constitution is being threatened, he is intentionally misleading people. It is the lefty justices who violate the text and structure and logic and history and meaning of the constitution.

When he suggests this is a violation of judicial independence, it is important to recall he was completely silent when U.S. Supreme Court Justices and their families were being stalked and threatened in their own neighborhoods by the left. If he were so concerned about judicial independence, he would have repudiated the lefty mob.

When he expresses outrage about these matters being reopened so quickly, he ignores how egregious the decisions were. When he attributes the situation to partisan judicial elections, and says this threatens public confidence in the courts, he fails to point out that the lefty justices acted in a highly partisan matter and took actions so extraordinary that it provoked this response.

To suggest that taking up these cases “threatens the foundations of our democracy”, that means he feels an unopposed activist judiciary is mandatory for socialist change.

Cooper is a dishonorable man. But that is unsurprising. He is, after all, a liberal mainline Presbyterian.


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