An Appetite to Overspend in North Carolina

It was recently reported that the state of North Carolina had a budget surplus on the order of $3.25 billion.

The reaction of our politicians? Jack up the spending. They could return it to the taxpayers, but that seems a bit doubtful.

Remember their recent eagerness to expand Medicaid. But there is more.

Republican leaders in the General Assembly just announced an agreement to increase budget spending by 10.5 percent over two years.

Roy Cooper seeks $1 billion for a mental health and substance abuse crisis that he and his party exacerbated by opening the southern border and by locking down North Carolina citizens during the Covid pandemic.

That $3.25 billion surplus is burning holes in their respective pockets.


2 thoughts on “An Appetite to Overspend in North Carolina

  1. North Carolina income tax rates ( individual and corporate ) have been lowered over the last decade. Terry Sanford’s food tax was also cut.

    These policies have given North Carolina a robust, healthy and growing economy.

    Maybe I am naive but I wouldn’t be too concerned about the GOP burning through the budget surplus.

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