When Some Evangelical Pastors Adopt the LGBTQ Agenda

John McArthur is not a fan of this approach. One cannot help but suspect that this problem originated in the seminaries, and perhaps with ill-advised groupthink among certain cliques (HT: Dissenter):


2 thoughts on “When Some Evangelical Pastors Adopt the LGBTQ Agenda

  1. I didn’t realize that the Evangelical Church ( largest in the US ) is experiencing this phenomena. I knew that many Protestant Churches were becoming more and more LGBTQ+ friendly but this news is sadly surprising.

    1. Yes, Fred, there is a new breed of pastors being produced by the seminaries who are infected with this nonsense. The seminaries are at fault– but unwise, weak-minded pastors with poor judgment are also at fault. And there is always the conflicted desire to appear acceptable to the wider culture.

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