More Than 40,000 Excess Deaths Annually In North Carolina Compared With Five Years Ago

Prior to 2020, a certain number of folks could be expected to die in the state of North Carolina every year. Some startling new data of which I have become aware (HT: JH) reveals that we are experiencing more than 40,000 excess (or extra) deaths every year in our state since 2021 compared with the period prior to 2020.

The data is depicted here, although you can also see it enlarged at the link provided above:

The question is obviously why this has been happening. It can’t be attributed solely to Covid-19 since the trend continues despite a sharp reduction in deaths due to that illness. That leaves two possibilities: the Covid vaccine and drug overdoses due to Fentanyl and other potent narcotics that have been introduced into our country.

But here is a worrisome indicator. Note that the curve moves sharply upward as the Covid vaccine is introduced during late 2020 and early 2021, and then it stays upward thereafter. Yes, there are narcotics out there. But this suggests we may be losing large numbers of our fellow North Carolina citizens because of the Covid vaccine.

In spite of this, our state Department of Health and Human Services under the control of Governor Roy Cooper continues to push these vaccines, even to this day. Fortunately, only a small proportion of the population is taking the boosters; but at this point, nobody should.

Instead of pushing this vaccine, that department ought to be scrutinizing and discussing why we are losing so many more of our fellow North Carolina citizens than we had been. That is the most compelling public health issue in our state for many decades; and it is not being addressed.

We are living through a terrible time when our elites are allowing the importation of large quantities of illegal narcotics into our country; and are also pushing a vaccine that kills people.


4 thoughts on “More Than 40,000 Excess Deaths Annually In North Carolina Compared With Five Years Ago

  1. TC: North Carolina is the 10th most populated state ( 10,000,000 ). The trend you point out is indeed troubling. It has got to be COVID, the vaccines or drug overdoses . Proper therapeutics should be used with COVID infections and vigorous enforcement launched against the flow of fentanyl et al coming thru our open southern border. There has been a dramatic downturn in folks getting the new booster whisk is encouraging .

    1. Fred, I think Covid infection might have contributed to the rise in 2020 and partially during 2021, but thereafter I cannot assign it blame for a major part of the rise in excess deaths. This ought to be a major warning bell– indeed, a siren– for NCDHHS and for our state legislators.

  2. It would appear from the chart that the Covid year, 2020, was really not characterized by excess death! Which is quite remarkable, given the increase in suicides and the deaths from Remdesivir and ventilators and denial of treatment plus isolation.

    The excess deaths timewise are associated with the ‘vax’. A CDC that wasn’t corrupt would investigate the degree to which excess deaths are the vaxxed versus the unvaxxed. But the CDC we have is actually hiding the very fact of excess deaths. We are ruled by the corrupt.

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