Official Reactions To The Killing Of A Policeman

The recent killing of Greensboro police officer Philip Nix at a Sheetz convenience store is still fresh in our minds. The crime scene was at Sandy Ridge Rd. near Colfax, but it technically occurred within Greensboro city limits.

After the incident occurred, there was some official reaction:

Gov. Roy Cooper said in a Twitter post Saturday that he had spoken with Thompson.

“Our prayers are with the Greensboro police and family and loved ones,” Cooper said. “Every effort must be made to apprehend those responsible and bring justice in this tragic situation.”

Mayor Nancy Vaughan:

“I am angry, and I am sad. I think those are feelings that are felt throughout this department and throughout this city.” 

State Attorney General Josh Stein:

My heart goes out to the family and colleagues of the Greensboro police officer who was murdered this afternoon. Please join me in praying for them and for the immediate capture of the killers. We owe so much to law enforcement who put their lives on the line to keep us safe.

It is all very interesting.

With the BLM/ George Floyd protests nearly four years ago, Cooper was seen marching with protesters with his mask hanging from his ear. He participated in a massive anti-police protest.

Nancy Vaughan has been working to undermine police for years. Her police department leadership was directing officers to hand water bottles to protesters during the George Floyd riots.

Josh Stein took a passive approach toward enforcing the law when the George Floyd riots arose. He also acted in a passive fashion when historical monuments were being attacked, thus encouraging more disorder. Color revolutions flare when key leaders allow them to flare.

When the socialists act in a hypocritical fashion, that is not really news. It is, instead, the norm. Brazen hypocrisy to make it appear one cares when an officer dies– when in fact you have been acting in a manner that drags down law enforcement and the police– is much more serious. And that is the reality we have.

The young killer was from Winston-Salem; and this murder occurred on the edge of Greensboro’s city limits. Leaders who refuse to prevent crime helped cause this type of instance to occur.


6 thoughts on “Official Reactions To The Killing Of A Policeman

  1. Vaughn, Stein and Copper are all individuals who claim shamefully to have certain beliefs about what is right but behave in a way that disagrees with those pretensions.

  2. Interesting article here on a sad state of leadership in our City and State. I must object to the comments that suggest NC Attorney General Josh Stein and Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan don’t support our local Police Dept.! They do in fact support the Greensboro Police Department, that is the corruptness of our Greensboro Police Department and it’s Chief John Thompson! All three have been made aware of our citizen’s concerns about a Feb. 23, 2023 armed robbery by two off duty Greensboro Police Officers of a known local drug dealer near Golden Gate Drive. For some reason none of these officials will address this as I have contacted them. To the best of my knowledge the Greensboro Police Dept incident report on this crime has disappeared from the GPD incident website? Why? Also, to the best of my knowledge criminal charges were never filed against any of these three involved and the black female Greensboro Police Officer involved continues to work for GPD? The other black male Greensboro Police officer resigned immediately when he got caught up in his lies about the incident.

    Jim Donaldson

    1. Those are fairly shocking statements, Jim, and I appreciate your sharing this. On one level, however, I am not surprised because there has been a “dirty” element in the GPD for a long time. Many of us recall the Bledsoe series in the Rhino Times. It appears certain nefarious conditions remain, and even may have worsened.

      We don’t have enough police officers in Greensboro; and among the few we have, there is apparently pretty significant corruption based on your comments.

  3. One more amazing thing about the Greensboro Police Dept. and the City of Greensboro are their dog and pony shows from different departments all over town. They claim to be listening and transparent, but they are not. Wanted to throw up when Greensboro Police Chief John Thompson stated the reason they don’t enforce traffic law is because they are short staffed. The chaos on Greensboro streets didn’t happen overnight, it began many years ago when our pacifist Mayor Nancy Vaughan decided enforcing traffic law was not that important. She even took it one step further by rewarding criminals (a criminal is one that breaks the law) with Auto Zone Gift certificates to fix the improper equipment on their vehicles. I have contacted each of the last four Greensboro Police Chief’s about my concerns for traffic law enforcement and none has responded! So much for the oath of office a Police Chief makes to enforce all laws, as well as GPD’s Motto “To Serve and Protect”? I am disgusted with it all.

    1. You are justified to be disgusted, Jim. Thompson would not have been appointed unless they knew he was going to be worthless. It is a sad state of affairs. I did not know about the Auto Zone gift cards!

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