Randall Terry Gets Constitution Party Nod For President

Mr. Terry is profoundly pro-life. He founded and used to lead the organization Operation Rescue that sought to intervene with young women in front of abortion clinics to prevent abortions. He was somewhat of a trailblazer in this respect. Terry ‘s candidacy for president is motivated by the abortion issue. […]

Guilford State Senator Called to Account by NC Values Coalition

Gladys Robinson is a black female state senator from Guilford County; and is part of the democratic socialist party. I suppose we are supposed to be reassured that she has been a Sunday School teacher at Providence Baptist Church. But within these particular circles, abortion is regarded as an imperative. […]

IVF And Abortion: The GOP And the Church

A couple of developments over the last month or two have shaken the foundations of the presidential campaign. First, the Alabama Supreme Court issued its ruling that increased liability for clinics that offer in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments, thereby shutting down access to those treatments. Second, the Arizona Supreme Court […]

More On the NC Budget Passed by The General Assembly

Carolina Partnership for Reform points out that the budget makes it more difficult for Governor Roy Cooper to play games with the permit process for gas pipelines. Recall that his people committed extortion dealing with Duke Energy several years ago to divert forced contributions to his favored green energy interests. […]

SBC Leadership/Academics Downplay Dems’ Pro-Abortion Position and Boost Environmentalism

A couple of recent items at Disntr describe stands taken recently by Southern Baptist leaders and/or academics. Tom Ascol took to task both the president of the convention and the leader of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission. These men had made it seem that Biden and the socialists are […]