Randall Terry Gets Constitution Party Nod For President

Mr. Terry is profoundly pro-life. He founded and used to lead the organization Operation Rescue that sought to intervene with young women in front of abortion clinics to prevent abortions. He was somewhat of a trailblazer in this respect.

Terry ‘s candidacy for president is motivated by the abortion issue. He criticizes Republicans for running away from this issue since Roe v. Wade was overturned. He says the Republicans are running AWAY from abortion, but he and the Constitution Party are running TOWARD the abortion issue.

He has already crafted some edgy TV commercials he plans to run. They are found at his campaign website. Check out the following:

Joe Biden Enemy Of Children from Randall Terry on Vimeo.

14 AD #1 Black Leaders Sold Us Out Final Cut Export Copy 01 from Randall Terry on Vimeo.

The Devil Went Down to Democrats from Randall Terry on Vimeo.

Judgement from Randall Terry on Vimeo.

America Is In Crisis from Randall Terry on Vimeo.


4 thoughts on “Randall Terry Gets Constitution Party Nod For President

  1. Thanks for sharing these videos. All are hard to watch with the inclusion of the reality of murdering babies, but I thought the last one was a good overall argument against our current admin.

    ps I wish Terry wasn’t so focused on his guitar and keyboard. I’d prefer to see him holding an American flag instead of his ax!

  2. You’re welcome, TCFan. Yes, the videos are grisly, but they depict the reality of what has been happening.

    I think Terry is trying to reveal himself as a regular guy but also as a warrior. He is obviously not following the traditional mode of campaigning.

  3. Those are good commercials . I know that there is criticism of the GOP on the issue of abortion but realistically isn’t Terry going to pull votes away from Trump.

    1. You will notice, Fred, that Terry is running more against Biden than against Trump. And you have Cornel West, Jill Stein and RFK Jr. pulling votes away from Biden in numbers that will far outnumber any numbers pulled away from Trump by Terry.

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