Randall Terry Gets Constitution Party Nod For President

Mr. Terry is profoundly pro-life. He founded and used to lead the organization Operation Rescue that sought to intervene with young women in front of abortion clinics to prevent abortions. He was somewhat of a trailblazer in this respect. Terry ‘s candidacy for president is motivated by the abortion issue. […]

Pope Francis Proves Papal Fallibility on Climate Change Agenda

One of the tenets of the Roman Catholic Church is that the pope is infallible– i.e., that he cannot make mistakes on matters of the faith. This week, there was some news regarding Pope Francis that is bound to raise questions among Catholics. He signed an “interfaith statement” asserting that […]

Benedict Accurately Diagnosed West’s Self-Inflicted Maladies

A fascinating article describes Pope Benedict’s critiques of the western world in a 2006 book. Here are some notable excerpts from the article: In (his book), Benedict noted that in contemporary Europe, anyone who dishonoured Judaism or Islam would “pay a fine” — but that “when it comes to Jesus […]