Is Cary Part of North Carolina?

We learn from Carolina Plott Hound that the Jaycees in Cary, NC held their Christmas Parade. And among the participating entities was a “pride” float that featured the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence— the same crowd that profaned Dodgers’ Stadium many months ago:

By the way, “Jaycees” does not stand for Jesus Christ. Instead, it is the Junior Chamber of Commerce– which can easily become a Godless organization if it allows itself to do so.

Although Cary sits geographically within the southern United States, it is not really southern. Even decades ago, it was well known as a suburb or bedroom community for northern transplants.

And many larger metropolitan areas in the south– not unlike Cary– are losing their southern character. It’s not just Cary. Think about Greensboro, for instance– which is largely comprised of black folks, Hispanics, other immigrants and folks who have moved to North Carolina from out of state. The southern flavor– here and in other larger metro areas– is rapidly dissipating.

So it is entirely plausible that Cary is not remotely the kind of “Bible belt” territory one might expect in the south. It has not been for many decades. But it is still reprehensible they allowed that float to participate.


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  1. TC: There is no doubt that some communities in NC have caved in to the LGBTQ bullying. Cary is obviously one of them . I think the pendulum is starting to swing the other way. I look for signs of that. At least I pray so.

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