“We Have A People Problem”

I watched the election returns last night on one of the conservative networks.

It is certainly possible to attribute the defeats in Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky to typical Republican/ conservative fecklessness and lackluster efforts turning out the vote.

But one commentator made a statement that resonated. When the Ohio abortion constitutional amendment was being discussed, he said, “We have a people problem”.

That is undeniably true. The outcome in Ohio is deeply rooted in human sin. The sad reality that the majority voted in the manner they did is a very sad commentary.

It also seems to be true that we continue to be a nation under God’s judgment.


4 thoughts on ““We Have A People Problem”

  1. TC: Virginia…especially disappointing.. Kentucky too. In Ohio Voters adopted the abortion amendment by a margin of 56.6 percent to 43.4 percent. Not even close.

    Surely we can look forward to a revival of Republican fortunes when President Trump heads the Republican ticket in the 2024 election.

    1. Fred, I heard some interesting statistics this morning. In Kentucky, the incumbent governor received the votes of around 90 percent of the numbers of those who turned out and voted for Biden during 2020. But the Republican candidate barely scraped up 50 percent of the numbers who voted for Trump that year.

      Is this a ground game problem, or a candidate problem, or both?

      This is particularly distressing because the Kentucky governor was one of the Covid tyrants who really should have lost this election.

      Again, was there a ground game problem in Virginia?

      What about support and leadership from the Republican National Committee in these races?

  2. TC: Clearly there is a ground game problem. I do know that Governor Glenn Youngkin waged an energetic , albeit unsuccessful, campaign to help Republicans take over the legislature by picking up a majority in the state senate. And he can’t be faulted.

    In 19990 I worked as a volunteer on Jesse Helms campaign. We had plenty of help and Helms won handily. In 2004 I worked as a volunteer for the Republican party and again most of our candidates won.

    What is different today? I dunno . What needs fixing ? I dunno.

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