Constitution Party On The Ballot In NC This Year?

The News and Observer reports that the Constitution Party is submitting signatures to the state Board of Elections so that it can run candidates in North Carolina this year. That would include a presidential candidate and a candidate for governor. But there could be others also.

The Constitution Party is the only political party that stands unequivocally against abortion and in support of the traditional nuclear family. In addition, unlike the major parties, it is anti-socialism.

RFK Jr. also announced today that he will qualify for the ballot in North Carolina.


2 thoughts on “Constitution Party On The Ballot In NC This Year?

  1. I admire and respect those who have principled positions such as those who are affiliated with the Constitution Party. That having been said it stands to reason that a vote for the Constitution Party candidate will be one less vote for Trump.

    In 2020 Trump won North Carolina’s electors by less than 50%. The Libertarian candidate got 49,000, The Green 12,000 and the Constitution party 7,500 . Write-in got 13,300

    There will be plenty to choose from on election day. Will one of them be a spoiler ? I hope not.

    1. Fred, there will be several candidates drawing votes away from Biden– Stein, the Green Party candidate; Cornel West, who is running for the People’s Party (assuming he gets ballot access here); and presumably RFK Jr.

      There also may be a No Labels Party candidate, although it is possible that party’s candidate might hurt Trump more than Biden.

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