Why Tim Scott Should Not Be Trump’s VP Candidate

Yesterday, WRAL reported that Thomas Farr passed away on Monday. He was a GOP-affiliated election law attorney who had been nominated by President Trump for a federal judgeship in eastern North Carolina.

However, he did not survive the Senate confirmation process. Why? South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott decided to shoot down his nomination based on racial identity politics. A lawyer from Jamaica was nominated instead, and was ultimately confirmed.

From my standpoint, that is all you need to know about Tim Scott. Although he has been rumored to be among Trump’s top picks to be his running mate, I think he would be a mistake.

Scott was supported by the Tea Parties when he was initially elected. However, he has a very moderate demeanor; and turned out to be somewhat of a disappointment. His Conservative Review Liberty Score is 77%; and his New American Freedom Index score is 68%. Those are underwhelming numbers.

Trump can do better. Much better.


2 thoughts on “Why Tim Scott Should Not Be Trump’s VP Candidate

  1. There is no perfect pick but Scott should be scratched from the list. I am sure there will be some serious deliberation before the choice is announced.

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