The Killing of Four Law Enforcement Officers in Charlotte

Addendum: I was wondering why the authorities and/or the media were delaying the release of information about the killer: The reporting has been variable, but it appears to have been one Charlotte police officer, one U.S. Marshall and two NC Department of Adult Corrections officers who were murdered. I expect […]

Why Tim Scott Should Not Be Trump’s VP Candidate

Yesterday, WRAL reported that Thomas Farr passed away on Monday. He was a GOP-affiliated election law attorney who had been nominated by President Trump for a federal judgeship in eastern North Carolina. However, he did not survive the Senate confirmation process. Why? South Carolina GOP Senator Tim Scott decided to […]

Greensboro Police Chief’s Duty To His Superiors

The Rhino Times reported yesterday about an announcement by Greensboro Police Chief John Thompson. He said the city planned to appeal the judge’s decision to release police body cam video in connection with the violent incident at the city manager’s home. During recent years, the person filling the position of […]