Local Media Fails To Report Stain On Their Objects of Worship

Former Judge Henry Frye and his wife Shirley have been held up as paragons of virtue by our local media literally for decades. They have been treated as if they are worthy of veneration. Heck, they even have a statue in Center City Park despite the fact that they are still alive!

The Carolina Plott Hound reports that their son, Harlan, has served as the HR director for the NC Department of Revenue– you know, that agency to which many of us write checks at least four times per year. It seems that Harlan is no longer employed there because of charges related to meeting a child in California for lewd purposes.

Thus far, I have not seen this story reported by the adoring local media. Will try to remember to let you know if that changes.


6 thoughts on “Local Media Fails To Report Stain On Their Objects of Worship

  1. I saw news stories on most local TV news websites. WRAL in Raleigh has pretty in-depth coverage.
    None of the stories mentioned that this homosexual pedophile’s parents are Henry and Shirley Frye.
    Here’s a video of the Los Angeles hook-up meeting:

    Wonder how many young boys Harlan Frye “groomed” during his years of coaching youth basketball?

    1. Yes, Jaycee, I happened to see a report on Fox8 although again was unsure that the relationship to Judge and Mrs. Frye was mentioned. But this appears even worse than it initially seemed to be…

  2. Frye has fallen from grace.

    I worked for the NC Dept. of Revenue for 6 years . It was crowded with hacks.

    1. It would be interesting to learn, Fred, how he had gotten his job at A&T, where his mother had worked apparently, and also how he had gotten the job with the NC Dept. of Revenue.

      The local political culture celebrated his parents for years and years and years.

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