Our “Diverse” City Manager

There is an interesting article in the Rhino Times that discusses Greensboro’s City Manager– Tai Jaiyeoba. (See also additional reports.)

There was a domestic violence call at his home to which police responded. The article suggests he had broken his arm and/or dislocated his shoulder. It was reported that his children were somehow involved in the incident. There was an allegation that one or more of his kids felt threatened. But we don’t know precisely what happened.

Many of us have experienced the unsavory moments that can be associated with raising kids. There certainly can be “rough spots”. In some respects, we cannot jump to conclusions regarding this particular case.

However, he is our city manager; and is ultimately “the boss” over every city employee. He is in charge of our police department, for instance. He hires and fires the police chief. That creates an issue if police respond to a disturbance at his house, given the fact that he lives within city limits.

Mr. Jaiyeoba is a very highly compensated city employee with enormous responsibilities. He was an obvious diversity hire on the part of our esteemed city council. From his online biography, it appears he is originally from Nigeria. It is a relevant question why our city council could not have hired a person who was born and raised in the United States.

During his leadership, murders and prostitution have spread throughout the city. Last year, we had a record number of homicides.

Given the extent of the injuries he sustained, an arrest might have been justified. But then again, if there was no arrest justified, then the public ought to know why. We need to understand fully his role in this conflict. And it certainly is very possible his actions– whatever they might have been– were entirely justifiable.

To maintain public confidence in his leadership, we need transparency even though there might have been an element of domestic violence. And we need to be sure that he is not controlling or influencing the information released to the public.

Update 01/25: The News and Record has more.


4 thoughts on “Our “Diverse” City Manager

  1. Something is rotten in Denmark. Is there a cover-up underway ? Some transparency is in order here. Props to Hammer for puling back the curtain on this affair.

    1. Yes, he has done a good job reporting this when the rest of the local media is silent. One can’t help but wonder about a cover-up given the difficulties Hammer has had getting information.

      Once again, it is pretty clear something happened.

  2. Very interesting. When I was a city employee, I was told if my name ever appeared in the paper associated with a criminal action I would be fired immediately.

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