Left vs. Left: Local Politicians Struggle Against The Worst Instincts Of Their Own Side

I found pretty interesting a couple of stories affecting the our local government.

First, the city of Greensboro is attempting to move some contaminated soil from Barber Park to the White Street Landfill. The local left– immersed in racial identity politics– had made it impermissible to use this particular landfill over a period of nearly three decades. At a community meeting hosted by the city, Councilwoman Goldie Wells– an obnoxious black politician who represents east Greensboro– had to deal with a very angry local population that had gotten riled up over the proposal.

Second, the Guilford County school system has been pushing the Guilford county commissioners for much more money in their budget. The socialist-controlled Board of County Commissioners had increased our taxes dramatically and increased the county budget by $200 million over a period of four years. Much of this money went to the school system.

It has become apparent that the Democratic commissioners are going to mostly give the school system the cold shoulder this time.

Ordinarily, the local socialists like to indulge their various constituencies which include black East Greensboro residents and those within public education. We can only speculate why they are now attempting to draw the line in Greensboro and in the county. Perhaps they fear that further increasing property taxes on black middle class residents will cause a backlash after the numerous increases we have seen during recent years.


2 thoughts on “Left vs. Left: Local Politicians Struggle Against The Worst Instincts Of Their Own Side

  1. The folks that live near the White St landfill knew it was already there when they bought their property.

    It is costing taxpayers millions to transfer the trash to Montgomery County. And the White Street landfill still has more useful life.

    Kudo to the Commissioners to the school system bureaucrats.

  2. Fred, the handling of the landfill has been a mess. I don’t know what will happen with that contaminated soil, but I suspect we will be paying more taxes and fees regardless…

    With regard to the school system bureaucrats, they never feel as if they have enough money. Do you remember back during the 90’s when they sued the county commissioners for more funding?

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