The Hill Profiles Jewish Senators Going After Justice Alito

The media/ left complex is stirring up a storm in anticipation of major Supreme Court decisions that might not go their way. And they still have not gotten over the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Their specific targets are Justices Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito.

The Hill– a Washington, DC publication– has highlighted three Jewish United States Senators who have expressed alarm over Alito. These include Ben Cardin of Maryland; Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut; and Brian Schatz of Hawaii. The problem? Statements, actions and decisions that violate their cherished separation of church and state, even though it is a fiction.

Readers might recall Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer having made veiled threats to the Supreme Court justices in a highly public fashion; and Attorney General Merrick Garland failing to protect these same justices when protestors descended on their private homes. Both Schumer and Garland are Jewish also. (In fact, one of the keys to understanding the democratic socialist party is the little known fact that a wildly disproportionate percentage of its public officials and donors are progressive/ socialist Americans who happen to be Jewish.)

This is, of course, a battle of worldviews. These Jewish Senators had become accustomed to the United States Supreme Court delivering on their agenda. Think of the major decisions since the 1940’s on the following matters: separation of church and state, prayer in schools, contraception, abortion, pornography, homosexuality, same sex marriage and most recently transgender rights. In nearly every single case, the Court had decided on the side of the contemporary Jewish worldview which encompasses the following elements: secularism, radical feminism, cultural relativism, sexual liberationism and socialism.

The bottom line: the Jewish community was accustomed to winning at the Supreme Court. They deeply resent that this status quo is slowly being reversed.

Check this out from the above linked article:

Rabbi Jonah Pesner, the director of the Religious Action Center for Reform Judaism, a strictly nonpartisan group that represents 850 reform congregations across the country, said Alito’s statements and conduct have sparked alarm among Jews across the country.

“What I’m hearing from my congregants is real concern,” he said. “When the state gets involved in matters of religion, it mucks them up. They should stay out of the walls of our synagogues and our mosques.

“It’s, generally speaking, the kind of white Christian tradition that imposes itself on the public square, then all minorities suffer,” he said. “What I’m hearing from my congregants is a real concern with this rising trend of white Christian nationalism.”

This ought to be very revealing for those who had not fully appreciated the overall direction of Jewish activism in opposition to the interests of Christians.

The fact is that the progressive/ socialist Jewish community represents a supermajority of Americans of Jewish descent. Some have predicted that many American Jews will vote for Trump because of the highly public progressive hatred of the state of Israel. I will believe it when I see it.


2 thoughts on “The Hill Profiles Jewish Senators Going After Justice Alito

  1. TC: Who knows what to believe . I don’t think the Jewish vote is monolithic. We shall see.
    I hope Alito and Thomas live to be at least 100.

  2. I agree, Fred. I don’t think the Jewish vote is monolithic, either. Most polls have shown 70-80 percent vote for the socialists, and 20-30 percent vote for Republicans. But among the secular/progressive/socialist Jewish community, and among those within the more liberal/progressive/activist Jewish denominations, they provide an enormous source of strength for the Democratic Party. Their funding/ donor class contributions are enormous. But they also occupy key roles in Congress, the judiciary, the Deep State, academia, etc. The clout they wield is much greater than their 2-3% of the population– in large part because they made the Democratic Party their plaything.

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