Be Appropriately Skeptical about the Gospel Coalition

A name like “The Gospel Coalition” ordinarily ought to arouse positive thoughts and feelings. After all, there is nothing wrong with the Gospel.

However, this group is quite questionable. The Disntr website has been looking at the organization in a critical manner for some time, with ample justification. An example of the foibles of the Gospel Coalition is an article it published recommending unsavory entertainment. But other articles regarding the Coalition published over a period of time are found here.

The problems at the Gospel Coalition is illustrative of the growing tendency within the evangelical community– including among some Southern Baptist clergy and churches– toward going “woke”. The liberal/progressive, unbiblical drift is unmistakable.

If you hear a member of the clergy speak about the Gospel Coalition in positive terms, it would be appropriate to exercise discernment. The organization produces a lot of garbage.


2 thoughts on “Be Appropriately Skeptical about the Gospel Coalition

  1. TC: I had not heard of this organization previously. Sounds bad. And trust me I won’t be watching the movie ” Me Too “.

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