4 thoughts on ““The Greatest Cover-up in the History of our Nation”

  1. I want the truth .

    Here are some numbers from Johns Hopkins. They don’t mean much to me . There is so much conflicting data out there .

    This man also wants the truth.

    “I’m not an anti-vaxxer but I know this vaccine killed my son and I am living the worst nightmare that anyone could even imagine”

    Father of 17-Year-Old Boy Who Died Following His COVID Vaccine Begs for Answers.


  2. Fred, thanks for sharing that link. Seems to correlate with a lot of what we have already seen in other contexts. And it seems that more folks are becoming aware, and are becoming more accepting of the premise that these injections were very harmful to a bunch of folks.

    The hard part is accountability. Steve Deace is publishing a book calling for Nuremberg-style trials.

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