“Kathy’s Folly” to Open in Greensboro in August

We have posted here at least several times about the American Hebrew Academy at the intersection of Hobbs Rd. and Jefferson Rd. in Greensboro. It was a failed venture that had been started up by a wealthy individual in the local Jewish community. After Biden assumed office as president, it was announced that it would be converted to a facility to house illegal immigrant minors.

Carolina Journal had a story yesterday that indicated the facility will be opening during the month of August. The federal government had been very secretive about the specifics of the plans for the facility.

The very premise that such a facility would be utilized in this manner is a reflection of the horrendously awful immigration policy that Joe Biden has implemented. But given the near certainty that our own local congresswoman, Kathy Manning, was the key driver for this particular facility to be used for this purpose, I would like to propose that the facility be called “Kathy’s Folly”.

Of course, she likely thinks this usage is a great idea for various reasons. But the people of the Greensboro area and the entire Piedmont Triad have been served very poorly.


7 thoughts on ““Kathy’s Folly” to Open in Greensboro in August

  1. 800 or so teenagers with possible ties to violent drug cartel gangs corralled in one spot? Gee, what could possibly go wrong?

  2. Perhaps the NC Supreme court will gerrymander out of her seat in Congress. Lets hope.

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