Greensboro Illegal Immigrant Facility To Open By Next Friday

The News and Record reports that the facility will be “open and operational” on March 15. The announcement was made by both Mayor Vaughan, who did nothing to stop it; and Congresswoman Kathy Manning, who presumably was the facilitator for the federal government to take over this facility to further […]

Kathy Manning’s Folly: New Activity At The Illegal Immigrant Site in Greensboro

The News and Record has a report this morning that suggests busloads of staff members are being shuttled to the new illegal immigrant facility in Greensboro. This facility, of course, is brought to us by Kathy Manning and Greensboro’s progressive/ socialist Jewish community. It is at the site of the […]

Kathy Manning Very Unhappy Over GOP Redistricting

The Raleigh Republicans have developed their new district lines for congressional seats in North Carolina. Here are the ground rules. If the Republicans engage in gerrymandering, it is outrageous and impermissible. If the socialists engage in gerrymandering, it is perfectly acceptable. That is the overall direction of court rulings on […]

Company Serving Greensboro Illegal Immigrant Facility Gets Politically Favored, No-Bid Federal Funding

HT: Leon Readers will recall that the former Jewish school in Greensboro at the intersection of Jefferson Rd. and Hobbs Rd. is being converted to house illegal immigrants. It is justifiably suspected that Congresswoman Kathy Manning made this happen. A company called Deployed Services was previously reported to have been […]

N&R Publishes Article That Highlights Opposition to Greensboro Illegal Immigrant Facility

A particular article was published this weekend that highlights opposition to the project. But I seem to recall seeing at least one other from the News and Record previously that did not push in a one-sided fashion the Biden Administration agenda regarding the American Hebrew Academy being converted to temporary […]

City Of Greensboro Gleefully Bleeding Money on Crony/ Donor’s Parking Deck

Longtime readers will recall that Randall Kaplan is Congresswoman Kathy Manning’s husband. (Never mind the two different surnames. That is how it is done in certain circles). Kaplan and Manning were local attorneys who donated heavily to political candidates locally. He had an ambition to build a hotel on Elm. […]