Greensboro Illegal Immigrant Facility To Open By Next Friday

The News and Record reports that the facility will be “open and operational” on March 15.

The announcement was made by both Mayor Vaughan, who did nothing to stop it; and Congresswoman Kathy Manning, who presumably was the facilitator for the federal government to take over this facility to further the open borders agenda. Manning is a prominent member of the local Jewish community; and the facility is the site of the failed American Hebrew Academy. The Chinese Communist Party also is involved, as we have reported previously.

Right in our backyard.


2 thoughts on “Greensboro Illegal Immigrant Facility To Open By Next Friday

    1. I have not seen that expressly stated, Fred. We both know, however, how difficult it can be to discontinue government programs. I hope, if Trump somehow were to win, that he can get rid of this.

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