NC Members of Congress Update

A few interesting articles shed light on a couple of members of North Carolina’s congressional delegation.

First, Pat McHenry– a Republican– has been part of the GOP House leadership team. He was recently appointed by Kevin McCarthy to be the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee. This is a plum assignment with jurisdiction over banking and other financial services.

It turns out that McHenry is going to retain “Diversity and Inclusion” in financial services as one of the chief priorities for the committee. I suppose he was trying to satisfy the “not a dime’s worth of difference” crowd (i.e. between the Democrats and the Republicans).

A couple of other articles place the spotlight on the democratic socialist Kathy Manning, who represents parts of the Triad.

A watchdog group– the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust– recently listed Ms. Manning to be one of the biggest ethics violators in Congress. They had filed a complaint against her 10 months ago, but of course no action was taken against Manning by her fellow socialists. Now that the Republicans are in charge, maybe they will pursue an investigation against her. Maybe.

Another interesting article discusses the fact that a resolution was passed recently in the US House condemning attacks against pregnancy care centers. Kathy Manning predictably voted against this resolution. She was joined, voting against this resolution, by all of the other socialist members of Congress from North Carolina. Readers are reminded that Manning is Jewish; and is relentlessly pro-abortion. She has no difficulty casting a vote that leads to the perception she condones attacks on pregnancy care centers.


2 thoughts on “NC Members of Congress Update

  1. I think McHenry’s heart is in the right place. Rep. Byron Donalds ( who was nominated for Speaker by the 20 ” Rebels” ) had this to say:

    “As a new member of the House Financial Services Committee, one of my many goals is to expand access to capital, break down barriers that prevent underrepresented communities from participating in our markets, and create pathways for economic prosperity for traditionally unbanked and underbanked members of our society as well as the entire middle and working class. Chairman McHenry shares this goal, and I have complete confidence in his agenda for the committee. The diversity and inclusion we plan on addressing are far from the road of woke policies like ESG investing or virtual signaling on Wall Street, and any suggestion otherwise is misleading. It is beyond time for our country to look at diversity and inclusion as a way to truly mobilize and amplify people rather than practice placation. ”

    Let’s wait and see.

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