Georgia Turmoil: The Gay “Marriage” Pedophilia Case and the Antifa Attacks

While it was shocking at one level, it should have been completely expected and anticipated.

In the state of Georgia, just outside Atlanta, a male gay “married” couple with two adopted “sons” (both minors) was arrested and charged with raping the two boys; incorporating them into pornography that was produced and disseminated; and pimping them out to other men.

Approximately 10-15 years ago, online debates on Facebook and in various blogs discussed the matter of gay “marriage”. Conservatives such as myself and many others pointed out that this would be very bad for children; and that it would subject them to sexual violations. The progressive/ socialist crowd would typically lob an accusation that we were “conflating” homosexuality with pedophilia. They are always on the attack.

But of course, there is a substantial subset within the gay community that seeks to engage in pedophilia. That can also occur in heterosexual adoptive/ step-parent relationships, but I suspect the data will ultimately show pedophilia is less prevalent in this group.

The Supreme Court, of course, forced gay “marriage” on the whole country. This included one Republican nominee to the high court– Anthony Kennedy. That was a ruling that completely ignored the interests of children.

Let’s think about Roe v. Wade, which was overturned last year. It took Republicans 50 years to get their act together and get this overturned. I hope it does not require 50 years to overturn Obergefell— the gay marriage ruling. But the Republicans have demonstrated no interest in working toward this end thus far. The “party of family values” does not want to antagonize its big donors.

Another bit of news in Georgia over the past few days was the Antifa riots in Atlanta. The Atlanta police department was seeking to establish a training facility in an outlying county. Antifa characters “occupied” the land and formed an “autonomous zone”– much like they did in the Chaz zone in Seattle.

Police sought to remove them and gunfire was exchanged. One of the Antifa outlaws was killed. This triggered the riots in downtown Atlanta where there was significant property damage. A number of Antifa have been arrested, both in connection with the downtown riots and the disturbances on the land of the planned training facility.

The big questions? Are the Antifa scofflaws going to be prosecuted aggressively and convicted? Will justice be done? And will there finally be a larger investigation that leads to those who coordinate and fund Antifa groups on the national level?

The states previously affected by Antifa, including North Carolina, refused to do these things. The FBI also has done virtually nothing.

With the gay marriage pedophilia case and the Antifa riots, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has an opportunity to shine. Let’s see if Governor Kemp allows them to do their job.


5 thoughts on “Georgia Turmoil: The Gay “Marriage” Pedophilia Case and the Antifa Attacks

  1. First of all the two pedophiles should be publicly flogged and then eliminated with extreme prejudice.

    For the record a law enforcement officer was killed in the shoot out with the deceased protester in connection with the riots over the police training center.

    Antifa is a militant, organized movement of far-left vandals, rioters, and other criminals who advocate for Marxism. The name Antifa, which is short for “anti-fascist,” uses criminal violence to advance its cause.

    That is what we are seeing in Atlanta. Those ” scofflaws ” will, God willing, be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    1. Fred, these are two cases that will demonstrate the mettle and character of the criminal justice system in Georgia. They need to go after these two rapists/pimps/pornographers and everyone who is connected with them to the fullest extent of the law. And they need to do likewise with everyone connected with the Antifa activities around Atlanta.

      Given how Antifa has been treated deferentially over the last decade since they became active here in the US, some suspect that it is a federal intelligence operation. I don’t know. But to the extent that we allow it to continue and operate, we also continue to reap the “dividends”. Given the fact that advocate the overthrow of our Constitution (just like all the other Marxists), their activities ought to be extinguished.

    2. I had read the officer wearing a bullet proof vest was shot in the abdomen and was hospitalized. Can you double check on your source saying he died? Thanks, Fred. And I’m also a FredFan!

  2. TCfan: I can’t seem to locate the source regarding the condition of the Georgia Trooper who was shot. It could have been a false report that has been scrubbed. Dunno. Your info about the abdomen wound is correct. Plenty of prayers for him at GDPS Facebook.

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