Kathy Manning Very Unhappy Over GOP Redistricting

The Raleigh Republicans have developed their new district lines for congressional seats in North Carolina.

Here are the ground rules. If the Republicans engage in gerrymandering, it is outrageous and impermissible. If the socialists engage in gerrymandering, it is perfectly acceptable. That is the overall direction of court rulings on these matters during recent years.

In any case, our esteemed congresswoman– the socialist Kathy Manning– is very unhappy because her re-election will be at risk:

“These maps were created for one purpose only: to ensure Republicans win more House seats so that they can maintain control of the U.S. House of Representatives,” Greensboro Democratic Rep. Kathy Manning, who would face a tough path to reelection under either map, told WRAL Wednesday. “They are not a reflection of the best interests of North Carolinians but rather, an offering to the national Republican Party.”

The same article quotes Marc Elias, the lawyer who has successfully challenged Republican election rules so many times in the past:

“I have a long history of suing and beating North Carolina in court — including three times over their congressional maps,” Marc Elias, a national Democratic election law attorney, said on social media Wednesday. “I’m watching carefully.”

Elias was also involved in the Russiagate hoax against former President Trump, but he predictably escaped accountability.

Both Kathy Manning and Marc Elias are Jewish, by the way. Only the socialists are permitted to rewrite district lines for partisan advantage according to the perspective their crowd espouses.


2 thoughts on “Kathy Manning Very Unhappy Over GOP Redistricting

  1. Boo Hoo. Poor Kathy. Sorry lady but elections have consequences.

    The last time Republicans controlled the General Assembly was in a coalition back in the 1890s, so it’s a new day in North Carolina politics with Republicans having complete control over the General Assembly.

    Yeah !

    1. Fred, regrettably it’s not yet a “done deal” and lawsuits are getting ready to fly. The circuit court of appeals in our region is socialist-controlled, so it might be a challenge to get this to stand in time for the next election cycle.

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