Steps to One World Government

This is the fellow who founded the John Birch Society. Robert Welch is originally from North Carolina. His brother had the candy company that developed Sugar Daddies, Sugar Babies, Pom Poms and Junior Mints; and Robert was the marketing person. I believe I have posted this video before, but it is so prophetic I think it is worth another look:


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  1. I have invited my friend Jim, an ex-patriot, now living in New Zealand to comment on this post.

  2. Hello TC and Fred,

    I think I’ve been asked to comment as I can speak with some authority having been the Greensboro based state coordinator for the John Birch Society in North and South from 2003 to 2010.

    First off, Robert Welch is looking a bit old in the above video because the speech was given in 1974 — full JBS version here:

    An excellent student of history, Welch had the capacity to project the lines. Therefore, we can look back and be impressed now by his prescience.

    Unlike other “anti-communists”, in 1965 Welch was against the Vietnam War as he believed it was being conducted, “for the sole purpose — to be at war”.

    By 1967 though, with the war dragging on, Welch and his Society took the position of “Win and get out”. This included refusing to take a position on The Draft:

    I was told by long-time JBS staff members that this was the primary reason one of the 12 founding members of the JBS, Fred Koch, withdrew his considerable support of the Society. Fred’s sons Charles and David would go on to support other small government/libertarian organizations.

    Sidebar (Interesting footnotes of history): Fred Koch, having been shut out by Rockefeller’s Standard Oil in the 1920s and 30s, went on to make his fortune selling his company’s oil rig technology to Stalin’s Soviet Union. Additionally, around the time of the JBS founding, Welch’s brother and CEO of the Welch Candy Company sold out to Nabisco, which at the time was a Rockefeller controlled company. This has lead to several conspiracy theories that the JBS was set up as controlled opposition. A local Triad hook to this story is that the son of Welch’s brother (his nephew) went on to become the CEO of Nabisco. When in 1987 Nabisco and RJR became (at the time) the biggest merger in American history, Welch’s nephew became the vice-chairman of the board of the merged company: Two years later though the merged company itself was bought out by the investment firm Kohlberg Kravitz:

    All up, in the search for truth, I count as valuable all that I learned from the John Birch Society and its leaders and members.

    By 2010 — when I resigned my position as JBS state coordinator and prepared to emigrate to New Zealand, I felt it was time to graduate from the JBS and move on. The job itself was pretty consuming and though a paid position was more like missionary work. There were two major issues in the JBS that I thought would preclude it from gaining the vitality it had from it’s early years in into the post Larry McDonald era (Welch’s hand picked successor). BTW: That’s another tie in to Welch’s birth state of North Carolina. Here’s the lame write up on KAL 007 shoot down by the Jesse Helms Center:
    This is a better recap:

    So what have I learned since 2010…

    This Welch speech on the JBS vs. the Communists is a good launch point:

    If you replace Welch’s word “communist” with “Bolshevik” I believe now that points us in the right direction. Bolshevik in Russian simply means “Big Party” — as opposed to their Russian communist faction rivals the “Mensheviks” small (minority) party.

    Exploring the Bolsheviks it is hard not to see the common ground they shared with the other rising political movement of the era the Zionists. Both movements came out of the same stock of activists in western Russia and Ukraine. An example of shared ideology is the Soviet commune and Israeli kibbutz being virtually identical constructs. The groups also share the foundational year of 1917. The Balfour Declaration was issued by the British government to “Lord” Rothschild on November 2nd and the Great “October” Revolution in Russia which was birthed on November 7 on the Gregorian calendar.

    Correlation is not causation, but a little digging through the purged and forgotten pages of history contains plenty of supporting evidence that the Bolsheviks and Zionists have been birds of a feather right up to our current day. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the current government of Israel leading the USA into WW3 is flush with Russian/Ukranian emigres.

    Disclaimer: To my knowledge, Welch and the JBS never tried to make any connection between the Russian Bolshevik/Communists and the Zionists. In fact, always having been fearful of being tarred as anti-semitic, you would be hard pressed to find any JBS literature even mentioning political Zionism and it’s proximity to Bolshevism.

    I don’t know if this is the end or the start of a further discussion, but at least for now it is the end because I am well into my second bottle of Victoria Bitter.


    1. Jim, all I can say is… Wow. Thanks for the post and all the links.

      JBS has been right about many things for a long time. People should have listened. If they had, we might not have the mess we face today.

      I had no idea about the Koch angle and the RJR/ Nabisco connection, by the way.

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