House Leadership Fight

This fellow below encourages checking out the Freedom Index scores for the House leadership race.

I did. Lifetime scores are as follows: McCarthy 60 percent; McHenry 65 percent; Scalise 67 percent; and Jordan 82 percent. Patrick McHenry is from North Carolina; has been a part of the House leadership team for years; and leaves much to be desired.


2 thoughts on “House Leadership Fight

    1. Yes, it is the RINO’s and moderates stopping Jordan. And Jordan is not even as conservative or constitutional as he could be.

      We are not permitted to have even a moderately conservative leader.

      When Gingrich assumed the speakership during the 90’s, he replaced Bob Michel as the GOP’s top leader; and Bob Michel was more liberal/moderate than Gingrich. Gingrich was a conservative, but even he turned out to have establishment proclivities in various ways.

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