The Investments You Own May Not Be Truly Yours

The below video has a pretty stunning revelation. Apparently, when we have investments within brokerage accounts, they can be taken away in the event of a massive financial collapse.

Given the fact that our leaders are marching us toward such a collapse, this is important to know.

Many years ago, they stopped issuing stock certificates. But now, if a large bank is a secured creditor of the brokerage entity, the bank can take our savings and retirement monies in the event the brokerage goes bankrupt.

This entire system was forced globally over the last fifty years or so. Obviously, this means that the savings and retirement monies of large numbers of people are at risk.

I would start at the 1:10 mark to hear Mr. David Webb explain further:

Mr. Webb’s free e-book is found here.


2 thoughts on “The Investments You Own May Not Be Truly Yours

  1. TC: I am not a high roller. I don’t keep my assets under the mattress. I don’t have a share in the stock market.. too risky. Gold is a loser. At my age and situation I keep what I have accumulated in FDIC insured banks, payable on death to my heirs. Currently most are paying 5% . Silicon Valley bank was aberration and the regulators who took it over understand the causes I think I am safe so I’ll stand on the sidelines and watch. Full stop.

    1. Fred, I understand completely. Everyone makes their own choices based on their own situation and their own risk tolerance. Many folks, however, have their 401K and IRA’s plans invested in the stock market through mutual funds and ETF’s, usually through some type of brokerage. I hope there is no rude awakening.

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