Christians Killed By Israeli’s

A week ago, I had posted here about Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s comments that Christians are distributed throughout the Middle East.

The Church of the Nativity is found, for instance, in Bethlehem where Christmas sojourners gather every year. This is located at the site where it is claimed Christ was born; and is jointly controlled by the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Catholic Church.

Bethlehem is located in the current West Bank. But most of the current fighting is elsewhere.

There are other examples of such churches. One found in the Gaza strip is an Eastern Orthodox Church that was hit by Israeli airstrikes late last week.

It was reported today that former Republican congressman Justin Amash has Christian relatives in Gaza who were killed in that church during the airstrikes. He is of Palestinian descent.

Pastor Baldwin had the following comments a few days ago, around the time of this particular airstrike, but before it was widely known:

In the last week, I’ve heard “Christians” calling for the annihilation of Damascus, Syria. I’ve heard “Christians” call for nuclear bombs to be launched against Iran. I’ve heard “Christians” call for the “complete eradication” of the Palestinian people.

Never mind that there are untold thousands of Christians living in Palestine, Syria, Iran and every other Arab country. These are our brothers and sisters in Christ that “Christians” in America want to slaughter. I guess they are considered to be “collateral damage.” 

Meanwhile, we have over ten thousand American servicemen lining up in aircraft carriers and warships in close proximity to Israel. They are being used by Joe Biden to send a signal of strength –belatedly– and also a signal of support for Israel. It is unclear whether American forces will be actively used to help the Israeli’s.

Chinese warships are being sent to the region also.

But any strike on American forces– even if misdirected– will be a trigger for a wider war with multiple participants. We ought not be there.

Tucker Carlson has a good interview on the topic:


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    1. Cooler heads need to prevail here, Fred. As I said last week, this is not our fight. Our ships and our servicemen ought not be there.

      And as Colonel McGregor said in the video, we are not nearly as strong economically or militarily as we were during 1991.

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