Palestinians Protest in Greensboro: Why Are They Here?

Some local citizens were shocked to learn of the large protest on Wendover Ave. in Greensboro staged by local Palestinians. They were tooting their own cause in the wake of the recent events.

There also had been Palestinian protests in many cities including New York; Washington DC; San Francisco; Dearborn, MI; London and Paris.

Let’s understand that the Palestinian attack on Israel last weekend was a profoundly awful event. Nobody can defend the level of evil they demonstrated. This was consistent with the entire spectrum of Islamic terrorism we had seen over the last half-century. But this effort also had a distinctive military tinge.

In order to understand the event, we must consider the longstanding history of blood hatred and tit-for-tat violence between “people groups” and Jews that had persisted in the region literally for millenia– since biblical times.

But more relevant to modern times, we must also understand the old Ottoman Empire. This graphic displays the territories controlled by the empire just prior to World War I, around 1914. The empire was based in Turkey but extended to territories we now recognize as Iraq , Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. It had been in existence for nearly five centuries.

Christians and Jews had lived within the Ottoman Empire even though it was Islamic-led.

What happened to the Ottoman Empire? In a nutshell, they chose to ally themselves with the losing side during World War I. In the wake of the war, the victors partitioned the empire into many of the individual nations we recognize today. But one of those nations was Palestine. The British had a key role with Palestine, and immediately began agitating for a Jewish state.

Israel was not established, however, until after World War II.

Who caused or started the hostilities between Israel and Palestinians? The history goes back too far for us to know. And the Palestinians have done some awful things.

But it is pretty clear that the Palestinians have also been treated poorly by the Israeli’s. A couple of articles at conservative sites I visit– Pastor Chuck Baldwin’s blog and also the Occidental Observer— outline some of this.

Pastor Baldwin points out that there are Christians among the Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians.

Many Republicans and Christians reflexively support Israel. I used to think this way. However, with further theological study, I have come to understand that the nation of Israel is not the same thing as Biblical Israel; and that the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people. Everything changed with Christ. Andrew Torba at Gab explains briefly.

How did this attack by the Palestinians happen? It is pretty clear that there were intelligence failures on the part of Israel. Some have alleged this failure was intentional in order to drag the United States into a wider regional war. I don’t know whether this is true.

But historically, Israel has protected its border much better than we do.

We are not supposed to hate Palestinians OR Jews. In fact, Christ calls us to love both groups. And He calls for us to love even our enemies.

But this does not preclude telling the truth. And in the United States, the Jewish community has been overwhelmingly progressive/socialist and secular/agnostic. Religious and political conservatives are a distinct minority within the American Jewish community.

The Jewish people in America have strenuously advocated over the years for increased immigration from non-European countries. They have also advocated for open borders. Their activism over many decades culminated in a major new law during 1965.

That is the reason we have Palestinians on Wendover Ave. in Greensboro protesting. It was the political activism of American Jews that brought them here.

These protesting Palestinians ought not rightfully be here. Their culture and values are fundamentally incompatible with ours. But we have had many millions of such immigrants since 1965; and they are now also pouring through our southern border.

But they are here ironically because of Jewish activism. That is the truth. Apparently, we are supposed to accept them here; but then turn around and fight them on Israel’s border.


4 thoughts on “Palestinians Protest in Greensboro: Why Are They Here?

  1. Thank you for this very important clarification! I have been feeling this way for a while and agree wholeheartedly. You have a wonderfully skillful way of presenting a rational argument.

  2. More than 170,000 people in the United States identified as having Palestinian heritage in the 2020 census. Other census data shows that a majority of Palestinians in the country are American-born. Among those who immigrated, more than half have been in the country for at least two decades.

    Those Palestinians in the Gaza stripe gave control over to Hamas in 2007 . In turn Hamas is backed by Iran , the number one sponsor of terrorism in the world. It is speculated that the October 7 assault on Israel was planned and financed by Iran.

    Iran by all measures is responsible for the current conflict. And let’s not forget that their slogan ” Death to America ” which has been used by them since the 1979 revolution.

    And When Iran Says ‘Death to Israel,’ It Means It.

    1. I agree, Fred. The question is what do we do about all of this; and who are truly our friends? I would argue that we don’t really have any friends in this picture; and that we don’t need to get dragged into war over this unless we are directly attacked. And we ought not be provoking an attack. Will be talking more about this issue of who our friends are.

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