UNC, Other Colleges Crack Down On Palestinian Protesters

It has become clear it is not just immigrants from the Middle East who are instigating these protests. Instead, it is left wing billionaires funding left wing protesters and orchestrating the entire effort nationwide via proxy groups.

It is part of the Color Revolution/ Cultural Revolution they have been instigating.

Back during 2020, there was no major effort to tamp down the BLM/ Antifa protests even though there was much violence. The authorities just allowed the protests to run out of steam after a prolonged period of time.

But the authorities stepped in this time. Why? “Anti-semitism”.

Jewish interests, both within and outside the universities, would not tolerate this continuing. While some Jewish left wing academics support the Palestinian protests, many Jewish Americans maintain a high level of fidelity to the modern state of Israel.

Moreover, politicians from both parties began to create a stink, in large part because of the disproportionate influence of the Jewish donor class. This occurred with Republican politicians to a greater extent than the democratic socialist politicians. But Christians with a high level of affinity to the modern state of Israel also were speaking out.

My own opinion is that we ought to be staying out of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It is not our fight.

It was fascinating to see UNC’s chancellor stepping in to stop the protests, and making a visible public statement. We saw nothing like this when leftists took down the Silent Sam Confederate statue several years ago:


6 thoughts on “UNC, Other Colleges Crack Down On Palestinian Protesters

    1. TCFan, sorry I missed responding to your comment yesterday. The day was a bit of a whirlwind.

      Yes, the cartoon shows up when clicking the link, and yes, it appears to be pretty accurate to me. Soros is a funder of the protests, and yes, he is protected from criticism for obvious reasons. He is obviously a really bad guy.

      1. Thanks for your response. Now I’m curious about your thoughts on the Anti-semitism bill passed by the House May 3rd.

        1. TCFan, I think it is horrible and was planning to post about it when I have the opportunity. It is a classic example of Republicans at the national level selling out and doing things they don’t need to do that creates more problems.

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