The Republicans’ REAL Position on Abortion

Tara Niebaum, Two Citizens Moms:

The North Carolina GOPe (Establishment) on Abortion: (Position Italicized for Clarity)

Article 4.1 of the North Carolina Republican Party Platform states: “We believe in the sanctity of all human life. Unborn children have constitutional rights to life and liberty and, the government must respect and protect all innocent human life from conception to natural death.”

We do not believe that abortion should be a choice.

We want to end abortion as ALL innocent life has value and ALL innocent life should be protected from conception to natural death.

Actually, we want to end abortion, but not completely.

Children who are conceived in rape or incest are not innocent and do NOT have inherent value.

Also, they are not included in the word “ALL”.

The choice to kill them needs to remain on the table as the circumstances of conception determine the value of human life.

The Creator of life does not assign value. Value is assigned based upon the circumstances of conception.

Article 4.11 of the North Carolina Republican Party Platform states: “We oppose the sale, purchase, possession, or use of fetal tissue or body parts obtained from induced abortions.”

We believe that human beings are made in the image of God.

Our bodies should never be defiled in life or death.

Actually, we believe that we should have the choice to use the bodies of aborted children in science and vaccines including the Covid-19 vaccines and the vast majority of childhood vaccines.

We do not want to end the use of aborted children in science or vaccines.

Abortion developed vaccines are a necessary evil and should remain a choice.

We are okay with the bodies of aborted children being defiled before and after death.

After all, if aborted children are already dead, why shouldn’t we “benefit” from their body parts?

Why NOT inject the body parts of the aborted children of God into the living children of God?

Why should we shut down a multi-million dollar cottage industry that has blossomed through the collaboration of the “unholy trinity”—incentivized by science, medicine, and government?

Why should we stop fueling the market for dead baby parts if there is a “greater good”?

We are Capitalists!

Supply and Demand!

Plus, polio and stuff.

And…Fauci and Plotkin said we would all be dead without vaccines so it must be true.

In fact, we will actually go so far as to allow the government to MANDATE the use of abortion derived vaccines, and thereby force every North Carolina pro-life conscience to participate in abortion by requirement of law.

This is actually not a moral issue, it is a freedom issue.

It’s an economic issue and a public “health” issue.

In conclusion, we believe in the sanctity of human life with exceptions.

We believe that some children are made in the image of their Creator.

Others are the residue of their mother’s rapist.

We believe that the residue should be eligible for extermination.

Further, we believe that any child who is exterminated for what ever reason should remain available for sale and for our use and benefit.

We should definitely use the children as shade.

And for parts…

Ultimately, we believe that all of these decisions should be determined by individuals and their doctors because morality is fuzzy and doctors know best.

Who are we to dig our heels in and declare that a child is not a choice?

Come to think of it, we are actually pro-choice.

There are no moral absolutes.

And even if there are, they are not politically expedient and they don’t win elections.

We’d best ask the purists in the room to step out.

The End.


2 thoughts on “The Republicans’ REAL Position on Abortion

  1. TC: I assume your post is partially said in jest because the NC GOP platform (ARTICLE IV. SANCTITY OF LIFE) doesn’t match up with some of those things you purport it says. I must conclude that you are suggesting the GOP is deviating from its own platform.

    1. This is actually Ms. Niebaum’s post that I republished here, Fred. But yes, she is using sarcasm and is suggesting that the NC GOP’s politicians are deviating from the party platform– as they always have.

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