Finally! The UNC BOG Takes Action Against DEI

The plague of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiatives within the UNC system is finally being addressed.

A committee on the UNC Board of Governors voted that DEI language must be removed from the UNC System’s policy manual. The entire Board must now vote to approve.

It is being reported that this will result in DEI officers at all public universities in our state being eliminated.

Some of the reports emphasize this will not impact professorial teaching. Teachers’ instruction is protected by the accreditation bodies under the guise of “academic freedom”, so these professors remain free to peddle their cultural Marxism. The James G. Martin Center for Academic Renewal actually suggests we find better accreditation bodies, and ditch those we have been using.


3 thoughts on “Finally! The UNC BOG Takes Action Against DEI

  1. TC: That is good news,

    So is this:

    In January 2023, the University of North Carolina board of trustees voted unanimously to create a new School of Civic Life and Leadership (SCiLL). The mission was to offer students a rich liberal arts education taught by professors across the ideological spectrum.

  2. This a fact… there is “no shortage of left-of-center, progressive views” on the UNC campus and that the School of Civic Life and Leadership “is an effort to remedy that.”

    Some of the administrators and socialist faculty’s hair is on fire over this new school but hopefully it will create academic spaces in which to promote free-market fundamentalism, small government, privatization, and lower taxes

  3. Thanks, Fred. That new School is good news. I hope the Board of Governors manages it in a sufficiently active manner that it will not be hijacked by the leftist faculty body.

    Fortunately, this effort to scale back DEI affects all the schools in the UNC system.

    The accreditation agencies threaten to take away individual schools’ accreditation if faculties’ “academic freedom” is interfered with; and that makes all of this so tricky. The faculty bodies at each school have a lot of power because of the protection extended by the accreditation agencies. I hope that can somehow be overcome with this new school and systemwide.

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