UNC’s Dr. Ralph Baric Goes To Washington

The Covid Select Committee had the opportunity to cross-examine folks like Dr. Ralph Baric recently. Dr. David Martin states that the committee’s members and lawyers did an amateur job questioning Baric and others.

Listen intently to what Martin has to say, and stick with it:


7 thoughts on “UNC’s Dr. Ralph Baric Goes To Washington

  1. To prove how slow government moves, Dr. Francis Boyle broke THIS news in early 2020 on the Alex Jones show. Thats OVER FOUR YEARS AGO!

  2. Why has this information been withheld from our two Senators and especially Representative Greg Murphy who after all is a medical doctor. It appears that Dr. Martin has the smoking guns on Baric and Fauci, to send them to the US Penitentiary at Lewisburg. PA.

    1. I don’t know the answer to your question, Fred, but there are some very powerful interests protecting Big Pharma, the vaccines and the national security state that produced this mess.

    2. Sadly Fred, I think many do know about this and the fear that destroys men and women of courage once they get to DC has backed them into a silent corner. Far too many bold souls have “committed suicide” or contracted some horrid disease and died after they’ve exposed this type of corruption. It’s sickening.

  3. Great points, Jan.

    Another point is that no individual legislator can do anything without the support of their party leadership in the respective legislative body. The leadership controls virtually everything that happens.

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