Hospitals Losing Money Because of Staff Shortages

Today there were some reports about lots of hospitals losing money last year. That typically does not happen. But they drove away staff with vaccine mandates and other arbitrary, nonsensical Covid-related policies. Many hospitals are nearly always “full” because they have shut down many beds due to staffing shortages. Operating […]

“Maternal Health” and “Reproductive Health” in North Carolina

My inbox gets jammed with various health-related educational opportunities. For instance, the North Carolina Medical Journal this month dedicated its issue to the field of Maternal Health. This is a division of public health that focuses on health care for pregnant women to assure that the mother and the baby […]

The Handling of the Vaccine is Evidence of a Much Deeper, Systemic Problem

Dr. Malhotra went public questioning the vaccine several months ago. It has become somewhat of a crusade for him; and he seems motivated in part by the probability that the vaccine killed his father. What follows is a fairly remarkable talk. I should emphasize that he is not a conservative; […]

Presidential Takedown, by Dr. Paul Alexander

The full title also includes the explanatory subtitle, “How Anthony Fauci, the CDC, NIH and the WHO Conspired to Overthrow President Trump.” Dr. Alexander’s co-author is Ken Heckenlively– an attorney. Alexander throughout the book discusses openly the actions of some of the more familiar names involved in the pandemic response; […]

Just When You Thought Things Were Settling Down: More Covid-related Lunacy

Things really have been getting back to something closer to normal. After all we had endured for nearly three years, we began to experience life in a manner that approximates what our previous existence had been. And yet, the Forces-That-Be have considerable desire to build upon all they perpetrated with […]