All Of A Sudden, The Left Is Questioning Vaccines

I came across this trailer for an apparently major film being released:

In addition, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the Covid vaccine is not really a vaccine. This is a point that critics– including myself– have made over the last few years, although it is convenient to refer to it as a vaccine because this has become the conventional lingo.

Suddenly, the left is finding it appealing to attack vaccines. Why? To attack vaccines is to attack Big Pharma– which after all, consists of large corporations. The left loves going after corporations. The experience of the last few years has been an anomaly whereby the left swore by corporate products. Perhaps now the tide is turning.

Hollywood and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals are both pretty far left. Until now, it would have been impermissible to oppose vaccines or question them– at least in the circles in which they travel.

Once again, it makes one wonder whether they are getting ready to set up Trump somehow on the vaccine issue.


2 thoughts on “All Of A Sudden, The Left Is Questioning Vaccines

  1. No worries, about Trump.

    This movie appears to be art imitating life.

    It claims to be based on real-life events

    1. Fred, consider Chris Cuomo’s recent epiphany also.

      The court decision is potentially a big deal. If it is not a vaccine– and it is NOT– there ought not be liability protection for those involved in pushing these vaccines and those who forced it on others. It would enable those victimized to get justice.

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