Doctor Congressman Confronts Fauci

This video contains a bit of profanity which I ordinarily try to avoid posting. But this interaction, in spite of that, is worth watching. A physician who treated many Covid patients was elected to Congress and now dresses down Fauci who completely mishandled the pandemic– likely intentionally. However, Fauci deserves much worse than a “dressing down”. Don’t watch if you don’t want to hear the profanity:


4 thoughts on “Doctor Congressman Confronts Fauci

  1. Wow. That was a heck of of a rebuke. Dr. McCormick called Fauci ” Doctor Fear”.

    Maybe, just maybe , one day Fauci will get his comeuppance.

    1. I thought he did a good job, Fred. There are some criticisms that the committee has not pinned him down on the Wuhan gain of function cover-up; and that he was not confronted with the fact that the adverse effects of the vaccine in research trials were also covered by the various federal agencies.

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