The Battle Between Cooper and the GOP regarding the UNC System

The headline above suggests that a battle is taking place. That is probably not entirely accurate because the existence of a battle require that at least two sides oppose each other.

A drama is developing, however, regarding the UNC system. The Republicans in the North Carolina General Assembly control all of the appointments to the UNC governing board. They have achieved little to nothing with that control. The university system is still a hotbed of leftist political and cultural activism.

However, Governor Cooper wants to be able to control those appointments even though the Republicans have been completely ineffective from the standpoint of enacting reforms to the UNC system. Cooper is setting up a “commission” to advise how the appointments to the governing board should take place.

The left has near complete control of the state university system. Nearly all of the faculty members and administrators are democratic socialists. And they box out those who differ from their worldview. There are shouts of interference with academic freedom whenever reform is even remotely discussed.

Interestingly, the state university system did NOTHING with their academic freedom when the pandemic hit. The state medical schools and the public health departments within the universities largely fell in line with the horrendous state handling of the pandemic.

This is a great illustration, however, of the fact that the Marxists are always on offense, while the Republicans are seemingly always on defense. And this is the case even though the Republicans have done NOTHING with their control of the state university system.


2 thoughts on “The Battle Between Cooper and the GOP regarding the UNC System

  1. I mourn for my alma matter, UNC Chapel Hill. Yes, it is time for the GOP legislature to flex their muscle instead of holding the citizens coat. What is the fun of being high sheriff unless you act like one.


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