2 thoughts on “European Parliament a Major Problem

  1. The gentleman from Poland is spot on across the board. The citizens of the UK at least had the good sense to BREXIT.

    His views on marriage:

    “Legutko said in 2014 that same-sex marriage is an “unnecessary, destructive experiment.”He has argued that “homophobia” is “a stick with which you beat people who dare to raise any kind of objection” and “a totally fictitious problem” and claimed that “Christians are the group that have been most discriminated against”. He has described dressing as priests and nuns in gay pride demonstrations as “aggressive, anti-Christian and shocking”.”

    A note about the Professor’s foray in America:

    “The Alexander Hamilton Forum at Middlebury College in Vermont, USA, invited Legutko to give a lecture on his book The Demon in Democracy on 17 April 2019. In response, an online protest letter by Middlebury College students and faculty urged the college to cancel the invitation, citing Legutko’s views on homosexuality, race, and religion. Keegan Callanan, director of the Alexander Hamilton Forum, urged those who were critical of Legutko’s views to attend the lecture and debate him. Student activists planned to hold “a celebration of queer identity” outside the lecture venue, with placards, pamphlets, music and a dance party. An organizer of the protest said there was strictly no attempt to stop Legutko from speaking. Hours before the lecture was scheduled to take place, college administration cancelled it, saying they did not have the staff capacity to ensure the security and safety of both the lecture and the protest event. The Alexander Hamilton Forum said that it would invite him again in the future, and a Middlebury spokesperson indicated the college was open to that.”

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