Presidential Takedown, by Dr. Paul Alexander

The full title also includes the explanatory subtitle, “How Anthony Fauci, the CDC, NIH and the WHO Conspired to Overthrow President Trump.”

Dr. Alexander’s co-author is Ken Heckenlively– an attorney. Alexander throughout the book discusses openly the actions of some of the more familiar names involved in the pandemic response; and gives his impression of their methods and their motives. (Indeed, some of their antics as described in the book are fairly remarkable).

But Dr. Alexander also had numerous conversations with other lesser figures within the federal bureaucracy who helped him form his conclusions.

He was hired by the Trump administration and situated within the US Department of Health and Human Services for approximately four months during the first year of the pandemic. He was an evidence-based medicine expert; and his role was to consult and help coordinate communications to the public regarding the pandemic. One of the many disgraceful revelations in the book is that the Deep State weaseled out of paying him for his services, and designated him as a volunteer.

The very circumstances of his hiring were fascinating. At the outset, there was a clandestine meeting with three members of Congress who laid out for him, apparently on behalf of others, what his true mission was to be.

One of the tragic failures of the pandemic response was the manner in which Dr. Robert Redfield– a Trump nominee– led the CDC. This was one aspect I could not completely understand because, when I went through post-graduate training in public health more than three decades ago, the CDC was considered to be absolutely exemplary. It could have made a huge difference when the pandemic struck– and Alexander provides clarity regarding both Dr. Redfield and the agency itself.

Alexander’s office was one floor removed from the “war room” for Operation Warp Speed– the “vaccine” initiative that he described as being quasi-military. He attended meetings there and throughout the federal bureaucracy managing the pandemic.

I don’t want to steal Dr. Alexander’s thunder with regard to the revelations in the book. Only within the last few days, we learned that Tony Fauci openly admitted in a recent court deposition that he had aped the communist Chinese lockdown approach during the early days of the pandemic.

But there is much more. Alexander was eventually worked out of the system, and abandoned by the Trump administration. He had received a coded warning from a Deep State functionary that this was going to happen. Alexander was originally from the Caribbean, and arrived in Washington by way of Canada. But he espoused American ideals much better than most of those who surrounded him.

I am taking the liberty of publishing a paragraph from the book in which Dr. Alexander shared the types of messages he was being delivered by certain Deep State apparatchiks:

“… We in the bureaucracy are dedicated to making every day of (Trump’s) life a living hell. When Americans watch the evening news, all they’ll see will be another day of the country not working under this president. Ungovernable, unmanageable, chaotic, infections going up and up. Americans will want anyone but Trump and we are doing it, for we have all the health agencies like the CDC and NIH and FDA working with us. We have Fauci with us, we have Birx with us. How could he win? Our job is to make the pandemic response appear to be a disaster, and we coordinate roughly every day across the different agencies to make it look that way and achieve the goal.”

That they would be willing to harm the country in order to remove a president they disliked testifies to how profoundly unethical they are.

Many of us have mused about all the motives behind the wildly inappropriate handling of the pandemic. The Great Reset, the “vaccine”, the desire to kill off the small business person in favor of large corporations, “depopulation”, the desire to attack the church, the need to inure the population to authoritarianism… these have all been discussed openly and at length. I do not discount even one of these explanations. It seems likely that the motives were multi-faceted.

However, it was patently obvious from the outset that there was a compelling agenda to unseat Trump using the pandemic. It became further clear with the passage of time that Covid-19 was to be the pretext for loosening election rules in the various states to enable fraud.

There is much more in the book, and I urge those interested to purchase it and support this valiant gentleman. The book contains some of his original communications and reports in which he asserted his point of view based on real science. He lost a great deal because of the stand he took on our behalf, and is still paying the price. It is hoped his book will be a huge success, and that it will open some eyes.


5 thoughts on “Presidential Takedown, by Dr. Paul Alexander

  1. TC: What a super clear explanation of the schemers plot to take down Trump. May Fauci be lowered into Dante’s 9th circle of hell to be at home with his fellow traitors.

  2. This is good to know, but what in the world took Alexander so long to expose the Deep State communications???

    1. I don’t know. But I would point out that while he spoke out very specifically about the big names, he did not name any other lesser federal employees with whom he spoke and who gave him information. (There are apparently lower levels of libel protection for public figures.) And given the fact that an attorney is his co-author, I wonder whether he was treading in a very deliberate fashion because of legalities. He mentioned in the book that he was bound, at least to some extent, by confidentiality requirements.

      It should be noted, however, that at least some federal employees were on his side, and were urging him to try to stop what was going on.

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