Just When You Thought Things Were Settling Down: More Covid-related Lunacy

Things really have been getting back to something closer to normal. After all we had endured for nearly three years, we began to experience life in a manner that approximates what our previous existence had been. And yet, the Forces-That-Be have considerable desire to build upon all they perpetrated with […]

The Biblical Case In Favor of Strong Borders and Against Illegal Immigration

The Southern Baptist Convention publishes at least a couple of different Sunday School programs for adults. One of these recently journeyed through the book of Hosea. In my daily readings, I came upon the following verses: Ephraim has mixed himself among the peoples;Ephraim is a cake unturned.Aliens have devoured his strength,But […]

Truist Bank Part of Pilot Project for Central Bank Digital Currency

Truist was formed by the “merger” of SunTrust and BB&T. Therefore, many citizens in North Carolina and the Piedmont Triad have accounts with the new entity. BB&T used to be a great bank– indeed, a conservative bank. But the management culture of Truist has turned out to be much more […]

Both GOP Senators from NC– Tillis and Burr– Vote to Advance Gay Marriage

The cloture vote is found here. The filibuster was overcome. The bill now advances so that the Senate can vote on passage. Conservatives in North Carolina must never forget that Tillis did this. Burr is on the way out. This is yet another reason the Constitution Party is superior to […]