NC Voters Want Abortion Restrictions

A new poll reported at the Lifenews site indicates 67% of North Carolina voters want limits on abortion; and by a 14 point margin, they favor protecting the unborn when a heartbeat can be detected.

The risk-averse Republican leadership in Raleigh does not want to take chances on the abortion issue. There is disagreement within the Republican caucus on this matter in both the House and Senate.

But with numbers like these, they have no excuses. They need a communications strategy, but they also need to have the backbone to do the right thing.


2 thoughts on “NC Voters Want Abortion Restrictions

  1. Yes, TC, they need to summon up the will to enact meaningful restrictions on abortions . Whether they do that is anybody’s guess

    1. Between the mushy moderates in the party and the “scared-of-their-own shadows” approach adopted by some, it seems doubtful they will do anything terribly meaningful. Pro-life forces within the state need to exert maximum pressure in order to make things happen.

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