Summerfield Gets Apartments

With the approval of the Couch proposal for Summerfield Farms, this represents a major change for this area. For the first time, Summerfield will have a development that includes apartments.

Summerfield was previously an area to escape Greensboro. Now, it will begin gradually simulating Greensboro.

The town of Summerfield has made a mistake that will be very difficult to reverse, and that will inevitably lead to the approval of more apartment proposals.

Addendum: The Triad Business Journal has more. Couch is including 600 apartments within this development.


2 thoughts on “Summerfield Gets Apartments

  1. I am not too sure about this development… 600 units ? I foresee a lot of vacancies but Couch must know something.

    1. Not a good omen for Summerfield. Of course, there would have been an incessant push in this direction from multiple players, indefinitely. But Summerfield’s leaders could have stopped it.

      There is apparently also supposed to be a vote of the Town Council.

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