Ted Budd’s First Good Deed as a Senator?

Breitbart reports that North Carolina’s Senator Ted Budd is sponsoring legislation that would end China’s “permanent normal trade relations status” with the United States.

The Carolina’s were hurt severely by free trade with China; and lost some of their core industries. It is amazing to consider in retrospect how there were few voices in our region decrying and opposing the loss of our industries as it was happening 15-20 years ago.

This bill is not perfect, but it is a start.


4 thoughts on “Ted Budd’s First Good Deed as a Senator?

  1. Like you say it is not perfect. The decision to invoke it would be left to the President. Budd has a group of powerful co-sponsors so good luck with that.

    1. The Haymaker has a post today indicating Budd’s chief of staff is a former lobbyist for Pfizer. (Used to work for Congressman Holding also). We need to reserve judgment on Budd’s representation. It is very early, obviously.

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