More Examples of the Culture War Being Waged Against Us in North Carolina

The protagonists are the Greensboro News and Record, a couple of North Carolina physicians and the North Carolina Medical Society itself. Let’s examine these one at a time:

First, there is a puff piece on the News and Record website today highlighting Guilford Green, the local LGBT advocacy organization. And the newspaper apparently made the decision not to place it behind their pay wall so that more people could see it.

Some of us recall the fact that Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan used to serve as the executive director of this LGBT organization. That is an indication of the lengths to which the major institutions in Greensboro have gone to make the city “gay-friendly”. Among the sponsors of Guilford Green on its website are Cone Health, the Lincoln Financial Group, Wellspring, Allen Tate Realtors, Truliant Credit Union, Downtown Greensboro and Emerge Ortho.

In any case, Guilford Green is opening a storefront in downtown Greensboro for its organization and its clients. The News and Record regards this as a matter of celebration.

In a more sane society, the opening of such a storefront would draw large numbers of angry men with torches and pitchforks. But we are long past that time, especially in Greensboro.

Second, a North Carolina physician– Dr. Amy Bryant– is suing the state of North Carolina because our regulations on the abortion pill are more stringent than the federal regulations. She is joined in this suit by the drug company that manufactures and markets the pill. I think this suit ought not prevail, in part because the states are generally allowed to enact regulations that are more strict than those approved by the federal government. But North Carolina is already a destination state for abortions because out-of-state women increasingly come here for this procedure; and this doctor apparently wants even more abortions to take place. Of course, she is serving the interests of the drug company by joining this suit.

Third, the North Carolina Medical Society has adopted a stance in favor of abortion, alleging this should be a matter in which the doctor-patient relationship is the deciding factor. And the organization’s new president says he will be “fighting for women’s reproductive health”.

These three items– reporting about Guilford Green, the lawsuit for the abortion pill, and the medical society’s support of abortion– all have one common thread. The moral and ethical content of these actions has been completely disregarded and glossed over.


2 thoughts on “More Examples of the Culture War Being Waged Against Us in North Carolina

  1. Well it appears that most politicians, many community institutions, non-profits and businesses are supporting the Guilford Green’s ” grooming center “, while those of us not obsessed with and promoting the LGBTQ movement are told to shut up and sit down … you homophones !!

    Okay, change my mind.

    I have little confidence that the legislature will do much to take a strong stand for the lives of the unborn.

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