Greensboro Looking At Red Light Surveillance Cameras again

Nearly two decades ago, Greensboro had a red light camera program. It placed surveillance devices at certain intersections. The goal was to catch motorists when they sought to beat the change from yellow to red. In cases when the motorist ran red lights, their license plate was photographed and they […]

More Examples of the Culture War Being Waged Against Us in North Carolina

The protagonists are the Greensboro News and Record, a couple of North Carolina physicians and the North Carolina Medical Society itself. Let’s examine these one at a time: First, there is a puff piece on the News and Record website today highlighting Guilford Green, the local LGBT advocacy organization. And […]

Our Christmas Present: Rolling Blackouts Amid Frigid Temps

At one point early Saturday morning, the wind-chill factor in the Piedmont Triad reached approximately -13o F. Yet, some of us were experiencing electrical blackouts. There were high winds; but we were told that at least some of the outages were deliberately instituted “rolling” blackouts because the electrical grid was […]