Nancy Vaughan’s Crime Talking Point

In the wake of a double homicide, our esteemed mayor met with citizens. They were looking for wisdom and leadership.

What did she say?

“If we knew the answer, we’d be doing it. One thing I know is that we need to have community help. We’re not going to police our way out of this, we need to have meetings like this.”

The statement that we are not going to police our way out of the current crime situation has become almost cliche’ in Greensboro. We have heard it many times before.

There are several ways of interpreting it:

  1. We are not willing to police our way out of this problem because we don’t believe in handling it that way;
  2. We are not willing to police our way out of this because the politically active African-American community (i.e., the black PAC’s) won’t permit it; and/or
  3. We do not believe that police are able to fix this problem.

The first statement is an expression of ideology. The second reflects the effect of race-based machine politics, and the way it controls politicians. The third is a matter of ignorance of reams of policy research and practical experience that demonstrates how effective proactive policing can be to reduce crime levels.

I suspect that Nancy Vaughan’s problem is #2; although #1 and #3 can certainly be contributors. She is doing the people of the city of Greensboro a huge disservice. Unfortunately, citizens are blithely unaware. They think she is wonderful.


9 thoughts on “Nancy Vaughan’s Crime Talking Point

  1. Wan to stop homicides ? Go to work .. go home .. Stay out of these clubs… Get up and go to work the next day. Stay alive ..

    1. Yes, Fred. Other suggestions to avoid getting killed in Greensboro: Mind your own business. Stay away from drugs. Innocent bystanders rarely get hit by stray bullets.

      And while it is very possible to avoid all this mess, we still can do better.

  2. Vaughn wants to stop the crime explosion without policing the folks who commit much of it because that will alienate her vital voting block.
    Once again, when faced with protecting the citizens or protecting her votes, Vaughn chooses her votes.
    There is no Magic Wand, Nancy.

    1. She clearly has other priorities, JayCee, including her own self-aggrandizement; and her own position and power. That is why she has had to buy the support of the black PAC’s by selling off her integrity as mayor. She gives away the most vital function the city is supposed to fulfill– policing. She instead wants to do “progressive” things that are really socialist. Crime is not a priority.

  3. There isn’t a political solution for a spiritual problem and unless our “leaders” recognize this…the same will continue and even worsen, period.

    1. I suppose our “leaders” won’t recognize this if they themselves have a spiritual problem, Tommy… But you are right, this is ultimately a spiritual problem. And a population that has a spiritual problem is going to be much less likely to accept an effective political solution over the long run.

  4. This has been Mayor Nancy Vaughan’s and Greensboro Police Chief John Thompson’s “Dog and Pony Show” for years. With all their practice attempting to fool the law-abiding citizens they both need to join the Circus! Under Mayor Vaughan’s poor leadership, the City of Greensboro chose to quit effectively enforcing the law in Greensboro years ago.
    Greensboro Police Officer’s abandoned traffic law enforcement, license checks, registration and auto insurance checks years ago and Greensboro has drifted into a lawless society. Mayor Vaughan even took it one step further and started rewarding criminals for driving with improper equipment with a gift certificate from “Auto Zone”.
    The Greensboro Police Department has also forbidden its officers from pursuing illegal dirt bikes and ATV’s on our streets. Possession of marijuana is a crime, but GPD officers have been instructed not to enforce that law. In lieu of enforcing the law, they are to confiscate small amounts and crush it on the streets of Greensboro.
    There is blood on these leader’s hands as our citizens are endangered on our streets and by-ways by these foolish and negligent actions. Simple traffic stops and effective law enforcement would get hundreds of illegal guns, drugs, and criminals off the streets of Greensboro. Meanwhile our citizens are being killed or critically injured as our streets have become a free for all! I would say “Bring in the Clowns” but they are already here and have been running this City much too long.

    Jim Donaldson

    1. Thanks, Jim. I agree entirely. We are witnessing a cynical charade. I don’t recall when Vaughan first assumed the office of mayor, but I believe it has been more than a decade. It has been a horrible time for Greensboro.

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