Remembering Mo Green: State Superintendent of Education Race

Michelle Morrow– an excellent conservative candidate– is running for state Superintendent of Education against democratic socialist candidate Mo Green. Readers might recall Green used to lead the Guilford County Schools system. WRAL has an interesting article that gives Green the floor regarding safety in schools. While they made it sound […]

Prepared Food Tax: Restaurant Owners Tell Nancy Vaughan to Fix Crime First

It was a pretty striking article on the News and Record website this morning. Mayor Nancy Vaughan was making her pitch for a prepared food tax before a group of restaurant owners. They had no interest in the proposal whatsover. Instead, they told her she should first fix the crime […]

What is Driving the Civil Service Review Board Bill for Greensboro, Winston-Salem?

There has been some reporting in the local media this week about a bill that was advanced and passed in the NC House of Representatives. It seeks to create Civil Service Review Boards for the cities of Greensboro and Winston-Salem. When a city employee is fired or demoted, he or […]